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 Emergency electrical repair & fault finding 
electrical repair medway kent

Electrical faults occur when least expected, but worry not, as electrical repairs and fault finding are my speciality. I am a  NAPIT approved electrician based in Medway kent, and have been carrying out repairs and maintenance for over 16 years. If you live in Kent or the surrounding areas, and have an electrical problem, then feel free to contact me for a resolution.

Why is my rcd / mcb constantly  tripping? 

Rodent damage to electrical cable

The above images above show rodent damage to electrical cables found whilst carrying out fault finding at a school in chatham Kent.  In both cases the clients were experiencing problems with loss of power due to rcd operation.  

With the aid of an Insulation resistance tester, It was possible to identify the location of the damaged cables.  These cables were then removed and replaced, therefore resolving the clients ongoing problem with intermittent power loss to their lighting.

I can smell burning


Often people describe the smell of electrical burning as a "fishy smell".  The above images show damage caused by loose electrical terminals.  Upon removing the consumer unit cover, it was clear to see that severe heat damage had occurred due to a loose neutral connection.

These consumer units, which were located below a wooden staircase, were made from combustible pvc materials!  This highlights the reason that BS7671 the wiring regulations introduced amendment 3 in 2015, forbidding the installation of combustible consumer units in dwellings (homes).

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Local electrician based in Gillingham Medway Kent.

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