Storage Heaters


Ajs & Sons can install new lot20 compliant storage heaters within your home or business providing you have an economy 7 supply.  These heaters are far more economical than the older heaters of days gone by.  

These new heaters require two power supplies, one will be a 24 hour supply that can be used at any time, and is used to power a circulating fan and boost element whenever required.

The other is an economy 7 supply which only provides power during the "off peak" period, this is used to heat ceramic bricks within the heater, and takes advantage of the cheaper economy 7 tariff overnight.

In some instances, a there will be no existing "24 hr peak supply", and it will be necessary to install a new point to feed the timer and boost function.  This is often the case where old manual storage heaters with no boost option were previously installed.

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