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Do you require a replacement consumer unit?  If so, you have come to the right place! 

We can replace your old fuse box for a modern, 18th edition BS7671 compliant consumer unit.  Upon completion I will provide you with an installation certificate, and the work will be notified under the Part P scheme to the local authority.  Shortly after you will receive a certificate from the local building control office.

Below are some of the options you will have when going ahead with the work, and some sample prices of previous work.

Split load RCD consumer unit

split load rcd consumer unit

 OLD Rewirable fuse box 


 New split load RCD consumer unit 


Above and to the right we see the most common type of modern consumer unit, this unit has x2 RCD modules installed.  The circuits are split over the two rcd modules, circuits 1-5 on the left hand RCD and circuits 6-7 on the right hand side RCD.



Full RCD protection to all circuits

18th edition compliant

Less expensive than full RCBO options (see below)


An earth fault on any individual circuit, will affect all other circuits on the same RCD.  This causes greater inconvenience in the event of a fault, and will result in the loss of power to half of the installations circuits.

Below is short video explaining the difference between split load and RCBO populated consumer units.






Replacement cost guide

 £350 per consumer unit

+£12.50 per circuit

Total for photo example above (10 circuits) £475


**optional extras (see bottom of page)**

RCBO Consumer units

rcbo consumer unit
fuse box rcbo.JPEG

Here we see a consumer unit which incorporates RCBO`s for every circuit.  Each individual circuit has its own rcd/mcb, the great thing about this is that any earth fault on an individual circuit will not affect any other circuit within the consumer unit.


Greatly reduced inconvenience in the event of an earth fault

It will not be immediately obvious whether an overload or earth fault has occurred once a device has operated (will require testing by qualified electrician).

Replacement cost guide

£350 per consumer unit

+£25 per circuit

Total for photo example above (7 circuits) £525

**optional extras (see bottom of page)**

Dual Tarrif consumer unit

eco 7 consumer unit.jpg

Above we have a dual tariff consumer unit. You are likely to have a similar set up in your property if you have economy 7 circuits like storage heating.  Often there will be two consumer units installed, one will be for the "peak" tariff circuits, and the other for the "economy 7" circuits. 

Replacement cost guide

£450 per consumer unit

+£12.50 per circuit

Total for photo example above (7 circuits) £537.50

**optional extras (see bottom of page)**

Modern distribution boards have played a large role in increasing fire safety, and protecting people from electrocution and fire. They include many new safety features, such as miniature circuit breakers and Residual Current Devices (RCD's) which may be absent from older fuse boards. Unfortunately, many homes and businesses still have the same old fuse boards they have had for many years. These offer very little protection against electrical fires in the event of electrical arcing, wiring faults or appliance malfunction.
At AJS & Sons Electrical Ltd, We offer an affordable fuse board replacement service to replace your old fuse board for a safe, modern unit that complies with British and European safety standards. Our new distribution boards are of metallic construction and fully fire rated.

Surge protection device


SPD’s protect electrical and electronic equipment such as flat screen televisions, computers etc against transient over voltages, originating from lightning, switching of transformers, inductive lighting and motors.
These transient over voltages can cause premature ageing of equipment, or complete destruction of electronic components and materials.


If you decide to have an SPD fitted in a replacement consumer unit, please contact me for a quote.

I will need to know your type of supply and earthing system.


Prior to carrying out the consumer unit replacement, it will be necessary carry out a pre inspection of your installation.  This is to ensure the installation is in a safe condition to be re energised after the consumer unit has been replaced. If any defects or non compliant situations are discovered, they will have to be put right before the work can go ahead. This may be at an additional cost to that shown on this page.

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