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Immersion element replacement/repair


Immersion element replacement service available for vented & un vented cylinders. If you are unsure which system you have I can visit your property to inspect and advise.  


If you are without hot water it could be that the thermostat has operated, or that your economy 7 supply has failed (if applicable). or it may be that the element has failed and needs replacing.  If you are without hot water please call me to arrange an appointment.



Top entry 27" element replacement £125
Side entry 11&14"upper element £150
Side entry 11&14" bottom entry element £160
Side upper & bottom together £200

Un Vented

please call for details

vented cylinder

Vented immersion cylinder

cold tank.jpg
immersion element.jpg

Vented cylinders will look similar to the image above.  Often there will be a cold water tank sited in the loft space or directly above the immersion cylinder.  Alternatively there will be a small cold water tank built into the top of the cylinder itself.

un vented cylinder

Un-Vented immersion cylinder

un vented hw cylinder.jpg

These cylinders are far more complex, and require additional qualifications to work on.  If you have a cylinder like the one above I can arrange for an affiliated engineer to carry out the work on my behalf.

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